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CGF Design

an architect's perfect partner

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supply of custom and contract furniture

800Tavola disegno 6

entrust us with your project, we implement it

carpentry and painting

2000 square meters indoor laboratory


professional technical support

Private homes

Home is where you live, where we feel comfortable, loved and protected. We like to design domestic environments respecting ergonomics, taste and comfort of our client, we define a tailor-made furniture for your needs of serenity.


A commercial activity needs character and a project with attention to detail to ensure product visibility. The purchase of a product must be an experience, with our furnishings we want to create curiosity, atmosphere and emotion.


The world of hotels and hospitality is very complex and first of all requires two values: sturdiness and ergonomics. We design the rooms in order to add style and atmosphere, so that on holiday you feel comfortable and elegant.

our clients expertly design furniture, we tailor them
We have made attention to detail and high Italian craftsmanship our founding values

LABORATORY OF OVER 2000 SQM WITH state of the art machinery

We have a production area of over 2000 square meters.

We have a state-of-the-art plant which includes all the machinery for working solid wood.

The in-house painting booth allows us to finish the product inside our building thus certifying its quality.